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5/8/2018 - Brady Council Gets Update On Changes In Funding for Water Project - Click here to print this information

In a specially scheduled session Tuesday afternoon, the Brady City Council was presented with an update on reductions in funding available to be available to the City through the Texas Water Development Board.

Brady Mayor Tony Groves, City Manager Kim Lenoir and Director of Public Utilities Steven Miller were in Austin last week to visit with member of the Water Development Board and staff.

The visit was prompted by notification to the City that the Board had changed the method to be used for allocating funds from the Economically Distressed Program. The change reduced the grant funds that will be available to the City.

Under the previous method, Brady was considered the highest candidate for EDAP funding in the State, and eligible for a grant of $23.8 million and a loan of $4.2 million to pay for the $28 million water improvement project.

Using the new criteria, grant funding to the City will decline to $18 million, and the new loan commitment increases to $9.3 million -- an increase of $5 million.

One immediate step the City staff is taking is to look for ways to reduce the cost of the project by looking at the size of the treatment plant required.

Although the size of the loan available to Brady from the Water Development Board has increased, Miller is still optimist the $18 million grant will hold steady.

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