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1/12/2018 - Brady Gets National Attention On CBS-TV - Click here to print this information

The City of Brady got some national attention Thursday when it was included in a news story on the CBS Morning Program on radiation in drinking water.

The four-minute news segment focused on allegations by the non-profit Environmental Working Group that the Environmental Protection Agency was not doing enough to protect the public.

The Group claims unacceptable radiation levels are present in the water in all 50 states, and that Texas has the most local utility systems with problems. With radiation levels above the EPA minimums, Brady was used as an example of those problems.

Two Brady residents appeared on camera in the program. One was Dennis Taylor who said concerns about radiation levels kept him and his family from drinking City water.

The other was Brady Mayor Tony Groves, who was described by reporter Anna Werner as having a problem of how to get state grant funding to build a new water treatment plant.

Mayor Groves noted that the City's current water improvement project "will cost in excess of $20 million." He added that "we are going to fix the water. Its just how painful is it going to be for us to fix the water."

In addition to criticizing EPA, the Environmental Working Group also alleges former Texas Commission on Environmental Quality head, Kathleen Hartnett White, deliberately falsified data on public water system radiation levels. White is a nominee for a key environmental post in the Trump administration, and is being opposed by at least one Democratic member of Congress.

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