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1/3/2018 - Brady Council Moving On Animal Ordinance - Click here to print this information

The first item on the agenda for the Brady City Council meeting Tuesday night was the first reading of an ordinance revising portions of the City's current ordinance covering animal control and the keeping of livestock and exotic animals. In the ordinance, the Council is considering animal control issues separately from discussion of livestock.

Also on the agenda was approval of awarding a bid and authorizing the City Manager to execute a bid for services to replace two solids handling pumps a the Brady Waster Water Treatment Plant.

The Council also voted to call an election on May 5th for Council Members for Place 2 and 3 (Jeffrey Sutton and Shelly Perkins) on the Brady Council.

In their executive session, the Council consulted with the City Attorney for advice regarding the Old Hospital. However, the Council took no action on subjects discussed in the executive session.

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