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11/8/2012 - Eckstein Assistant Critiques Continue - Click here to print this information


The confidential administrative assistant to Butler County Commissioner Jim Eckstein came under fire once again at Wednesday's meeting.

Two Butler County residents have accused Abersold of doctoring minutes of previous meetings, citing October 10th as an example.

Cranberry Township resident Steven Hively said Abersold, who took the minutes from that meeting, deliberately left out details on the minutes concerning comments made against her and Eckstein.

"Is this open, honest government?" Hively said to Eckstein. He then addressed commissioners Dale Pinkerton and Bill McCarrier.

"It's time for you to clean up Jim Eckstein's mess," said Hively.

Our newsroom asked Solicitor Julie Graham if McCarrier and Pinkerton would have any disciplinary power over Abersold.

"Generally speaking, each commissioner's administrative assistant is appointed by (the board)," said Graham. "I can tell you that all county employees must follow county policy and rules and regulations, so if there would be a violation of county policy of a commissioner's administrative assistant, then we'd have to take a look at it. It's a situation we've not encountered in the past."

Abersold had little to say about the accusations leveled against her.

"Some folks need an enema," she said. She declined further comment.

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